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Beaumont Community Primary School
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We believe that homework has an important role in children's development.


It is valuable to:

  • Help pupils make more rapid progress in learning
  • Allow the pupils to develop the practice of working on their own
  • Allow valuable practice of skills learnt in the classroom
  • Gives pupils valuable experience of working to deadlines

Homework is any work to be carried out at home which has originated from School and which is set by the class teacher on a daily or weekly basis. Marking homework forms an integral part of our assessment. Homework is not set for school holidays.


Types of homework include:

  • Reading
  • Number activities
  • Spelling
  • Finding out information
  • Reading in preparation for lessons
  • Preparing oral presentations
  • Written, oral and practical tasks


Time allocation recommended by the DfES:

Reception: 10 minutes reading daily (within school a selection of High Frequency Words are sent home for recognition work).
Year One and Two: 1 hour per week reading, spelling, other literacy and number (E.g. within school Year One 10 minutes reading per night and 10 minutes per week spelling).

Year Three and Four: 1 hour 30 minutes per week reading, spelling, numbers and topic work.

Year Five and Six: 30 minutes per day reading, spelling, numbers and topic work (again, within school, this will be tailored more to specific subject study for Year Six nearer to SATs tests).

Nursery: The Nursery have home school link books with a recommended activity linked to a current topic for parents/carers to try with the child each week.


Parents and carers are encouraged to:

  • Work with their children to share and develop skills and knowledge
  • Provide a reasonably peaceful, suitable place in which pupils can do their homework alone or more often for younger children, together with an adult.
  • Encourage pupils and praise them when they have completed homework
  • Enjoy talking to and working with their children on a wide range of skills and activities