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Beaumont Community Primary School
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A positive effort is made to create a secure and orderly environment where children are encouraged to develop self-discipline, responsibility and are sensitive toward the needs of others. The whole ethos of the school is underpinned with a caring, sharing and orderly atmosphere, which encourages every child to feel that they are important and that their contribution is valued. The rules are based on common sense, courtesy and consideration for others and each member of the school's community is urged to recognize that adherence to the rules is in everybody's interest.


Any misdemeanours are often resolved through discussion with the child. However, where sanctions are thought necessary, a loss of privileges would be instigated. If your child's behaviour is giving cause for concern we will contact you and discuss the problem in confidence. 


We do not accept any form of bullying or anti-social behavior. Persistent verbal or physical abuse by a group or individual to another group or individual is taken very seriously, and will not be tolerated.


We aim to create a safe and secure environment, in which children can learn effectively.

It is essential that everybody involved with our school practically supports and promotes our:


Rules of Behaviour


  • Act sensibly at all times
  •  Be courteous and polite to others
  • Aim for excellence in everything you do
  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour
  • Take care of each other and respect other people's property
  • Be responsible for your own actions


A full copy of the School's Behaviour Policy can be obtained from the School Office

or found within our the Useful Information section of the website.