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Beaumont Community Primary School
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Our Curriculum Aims & Values at BCP

Our  Curriculum Values



Our Curriculum Aims


In Partnership with the Governors, Parents, Staff and Pupils we aim to promote a kind, caring, welcoming community at Beaumont Community Primary School by…

  • Delivering a fun, rich and varied curriculum that is accessible for all
  • Nurturing and celebrating all efforts and achievements
  • Raising aspirations so that pupils know that the sky is not the limit
  • Creating an 'I can' attitude towards challenges
  • Promoting a love of lifelong learning in Modern Britain



At Beaumont Community Primary School our Curriculum is driven by our

‘5 Star Values. These can be seen throughout each subject in our school as they build pupils Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences over time.


Our Intent has been to design a curriculum that exposes our pupils to an ambitious, exciting curriculum that is accessible for all. We want our pupils to leave BCP with wide ranging knowledge and skills that are transferrable in wider society and vocabulary that prepares them for a life in a diverse, modern Britain


As we have mixed year groups in KS2 we have created a curriculum on a two year rolling programme. This will enable pupils who stay at our school to know more as they progress through the school.


Throughout the year, the Implementation of our curriculum is guided by our long term and medium term plans for each subject. These are transferred to class curriculum maps. The curriculum maps are provided for all parents at the start of each term, as they map out the knowledge, skills and vocabulary that pupils will be using and linking to learning across a term. 


This enables parents to be part of the pupils learning journey. These are live documents that are subject to constant review and improvement.  It is important to pupils’ needs and interests and for teachers to reflect on their practice.  Therefore, our curriculum maps may be subject to change.


The Impact of our curriculum is to enable pupils to leave the school with deepened knowledge and skills that they can transfer and apply to the next stage in their life.