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Beaumont Community Primary School
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Welcome to the Beaumont Community Primary School 

 Reaching for the stars and beyond!!!

Beaumont Community Primary was built in 2003. In 2023 we will be celebrating 20 years!!


Beaumont Community Primary School was built to  be the heart in our local community. We seek to celebrate all irrespective of their race, religion, ability, gender or ethnic background. To that end, we aim to offer a high-quality and enjoyable learning environment that is underpinned by strong moral beliefs and values.


We believe that everyone is unique and therefore encourage all members of our community to value and develop their own gifts and skills. We value one another’s cultural inheritance and the diversity of languages and beliefs represented in our school. We believe in developing the whole person – socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, academically and spiritually – in an environment that is safe, calm and challenging.


We have high expectations for all our children and work hard to ensure that they achieve their full potential. We encourage confident and independent learning in an atmosphere where everyone can try out new challenges without fear of failure, so that our children acquire the enthusiasm and skills for life-long learning, develop questioning minds, respect each other and build up a cohesive community.


We are a warm and friendly community that is focussed on preparing all pupils to make valuable contributions to society.


Our five core value are seen all around our school and we encourage you to book an appointment with the school office for a visit.


I am available on the playground every morning at 8.45am to welcome the pupils into school, so please do stop for a chat and introduce yourself.


Mrs Mayleen Atima